random thoughts


By Antoine Grondin, Saturday 23 July 2016

That constant feeling of existential restlessness, that something needs to be done, but what?

An Infantryman Learns To Code

By Antoine Grondin, Thursday 25 February 2016

In 2009-2010, I was an infantry officer working in Kandahar (Afghanistan) Airfield's brigade HQ; a Canadian HQ then.

The World Sucks Because You Use Dumb Units

By Antoine Grondin, Sunday 24 January 2016

We were promised flying cars. It's 2015 and we don't have them. I demand explanations and I've found at least one: we're still being stupid about our usage of units.

Someone's Wrong! Membership testing in practical cases

By Antoine Grondin, Saturday 22 March 2014

Someone was wrong on the internet. They said arrays were preferable over maps for membership testing. They were wrong.

Dynamic Programming for the Impatient, Dumb and Lazy Ones

By Antoine Grondin, Tuesday 12 November 2013

So you've got this nice recursive function that you love and cherish, but that's incredibly prohibitive to compute. How can you keep it and make it much faster? Dynamic programming is said to be hard; but with enough lazyness, you too can do it.